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  • Jan 15 2014
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The Message of Biobloc Orthotropics a Better Way to Treat Crooked Teeth

In the last 50 years, orthodontic treatment has not advanced as much as the other
areas of dentistry. Most traditional treatment is based on techniques which use
retraction techniques, often making space by extracting permanent teeth. In this
approach, the only goal is straight teeth and sadly many cases relapse often with
harmful side effects such as airway constriction, TMJ disorders, and diminished facial
aesthetics. Many people would be better off if they had not undergone traditional treatment

Happily, orthodontic science is now evolving. A new method known as Biobloc
Orthotropics is more concerned with proper jaw development, improving facial
aesthetics, and healthier airways. Since space is created for all teeth to come in
naturally, no permanent teeth are extracted. Removable appliances are predominately
used and treatment begins at an earlier age.

The success of Bioloc Orthotropics lies in its basic premise of treating the underlying
cause of facial, airway, jaw, and teeth alignment problems. That cause is unfavorable
facial growth. Unfavorable growth occurs when the patient’s rest oral posture is altered
usually due to airway issues. Traditional orthodontics only treats the resulting signs and
symptoms (i.e. crooked teeth) and ignores the cause of the problem (altered rest oral
posture). Proper rest oral posture is present when 1) The teeth are together or slightly
apart, 2) the tongue is to the palate with the tip behind the front teeth, and 3) the lips are
together without strain. Bioloc Orthotropics seeks to create an environment for the
tongue that is compatible with proper rest oral posture and to develop both jaws
Beautiful balanced faces without surgery can be expected but the most valuable
advantage is creation of a healthy airway. Breathing disorders in adults such as
Obstructive Sleep Apnea,are now recognized as a major health problem. Some
researchers are also contributing the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in children to
breathing disorders due constricted airways. If this proves to be true,it will revolutionize
the way this affliction is treated.


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