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Growth Guidance

Correct facial growth is the key to natural facial aesthetics, an unrestricted airway, and a comfortable jaw.

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Biobloc Orthotropics® is a dental treatment that corrects unfavorable growth, creates better facial aesthetics and develops a healthy airway.

A Few Common Symptoms of Unfavorable Growth

Crooked or buck teeth, deep overbites, even TMJ and breathing disorders (among other airway issues) are all potential symptoms. They manifiest as a result of an altered “rest oral posture” (the position your jaw and mouth are in when you rest or sleep).

Targeting Unfavorable Growth During adolescence

Unfavorable growth often begins as early as 3 years old and will continue on through adolescence. The older the child, the more obvious the unfavorable growth becomes and the more difficult it becomes to treat.

The Limits of Traditional Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontics focuses on treating the outward symptoms and ignores the source of the problem (altered rest oral posture). Unless the rest oral posture is corrected the straightened teeth will not hold and unfavorable facial changes will occur throughout life.

The goal of Biobloc Orthotropic® treatment is to correct unfavorable growth and the improper oral rest posture, the root of the symptoms.

Biobloc Orthotropics® seeks to create an environment for the tongue that is compatible with proper rest oral posture and to develop both jaws forward. Very few children living in industrialized societies have proper rest oral posture and unfavorable facial growth has. Given the fact that it seeks to correct habits, there is a very strong cooperation factor involved vs. traditional orthodontics which today requires virtually no cooperation on the part of the patient.

How to Achieve Proper Rest Oral Posture

  1. Teeth are together or very slightly apart
  2. Tongue is to palate with the tip behind the upper front teeth
  3. Lips sre together without any strain.

Reasons Dr. DeTar’s approach is different.

Facial Appearance is never sacrificed to get teeth straight.

Traditional orthodontics focuses on straighten teeth and often retracts them (pulls them back) in the face. Retraction often results in poor facial appearance. We strive to develop the entire face forward creating an attractive appearance and a broad smile.

Airway health is foremost, no permanent teeth are extracted and no headgear is used.

Even a small reduction in tongue space created by the traditional method of pulling teeth back in the face can compromise the airway. Dr. DeTar does not use extractions or retractive methods to alleviate crowding or to camouflage mis-matched jaws. He uses a variety of treatments to create space for all of the teeth to be properly aligned.

We treat the cause of the symptom, not just the symptoms themselves.

Crooked teeth are a symptom of unfavorable dento-facial growth caused by poor oral posture – the way the tongue, teeth, and lips are held at rest. Because breathing through the mouth rather than the nose is frequently the cause of poor oral posture, we search for the cause of mouth breathing and work to change the pattern to nose breathing. This not only optimizes facial development, but also the stability of any orthodontic  treatment.

We see patients and start treatment at a very young age.

Improper skeletal relationships, poor facial balance, and gummy smiles can be corrected at an early age. Impacted canines (eye teeth in the roof of the mouth that do not erupt) can usually be prevented if the child is treated at an early age. Airway problems which have been linked to attention and behavioral disorders can be treated early. It is critical to see children long before all permanent teeth are in the mouth if these problems are to be prevented and the best possible results are to be achieved.

Treatment considers the whole body and the entire lifetime of the patient.

Rather than focusing on the short term goal of straight teeth, we recognize that the whole body is involved when the teeth are not straight and the bite is poor. Dr. DeTar’s treatment plans are tailored to address whole body issues such as headaches, muscle pain, and airway problems.

We seek to reverse effects of previous orthodontics.

Adults, unhappy with previous orthodontic treatment results, can often have dramatic improvements. Treatment may be as simple as broadening the smile or as involved as opening spaces where teeth were extracted and replacing teeth. Sometimes even simple changes may help reduce or eliminate headaches and/or TMJ symptoms and may even eliminate OSA.

We strive to offer superior dental care that is oriented toward achieving optimal long-lasting health benefits.

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