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More than a beautiful smile, the goal of Biologic Orthodontic Therapy is to achieve a comfortable jaw joint, an unrestricted airway and natural facial aesthetics.

So What is Biologic Orthodontic Therapy Anyway?

Biologic Orthodontic Therapy integrates the art and science of creating beautiful faces, healthy smiles, and optimally functional biology into the practice of contemporary orthodontics. It’s about more than just straightening teeth; it takes into account the entire chewing system.

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Unlike traditional orthodontics, which focuses on aligning crooked or uneven teeth, Biologic Orthodontics incorporates thorough diagnosis and treatment of the entire chewing system to create the healthy, beautiful and functional results that nature intended. Unlike traditional orthodontics, Biologic Orthodontic Therapy also addresses the causes of tooth wear, bad bites and other chewing system problems, rather than just cosmetically treating the teeth and smile.

Biologic Orthodontic Therapy isn’t just for first-timers.

If you’ve had traditional orthodontics and are experiencing any of these scenarios, Biologic Orthodontic Therapy can help.

Nearly 80% of all patients who come to our office with complaints of crooked teeth, TMJ problems, worn teeth, and bite problems had traditional orthodontics in the past.


Today, Biologic Orthodontic Therapy provides patients with beautiful natural smiles and functional healthy teeth that last a lifetime--exactly what nature intended.

Dr. David DeTar, DDS

Dr. DeTar is one of the few dentists nationwide who has trained in Biologic Orthodontic Therapy at the Center for Advanced Biologic Orthodontics. CABOdent trained dentists integrate the most comprehensive examination and diagnostic protocols utilized in orthodontics and dentistry today.

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We strive to offer superior dental care that is oriented toward achieving optimal long-lasting health benefits.

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