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Preventative Services

The best dentistry is no dentistry. A healthy mouth does not need to be treated. But we understand, even the dentist needs to see a dentist some times.

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Keeping a mouth healthy is easy by practicing simple prevention. The challenge for many people is to attain a good level of health first. The good news is that decay and gum disease are 100% preventable. Through our Dental Fitness Health Analysis program we will teach you the proper techniques to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth.

Dental Fitness Health Analysis

A Dental Fitness health analysis is performed by assessing the health of the gum tissue and supporting bone through three specific factors:

  1. The amount and location of acid plaque.
  2. The clean-ability (pocket depth) around each tooth.
  3. The number of gum infection (bleeding) sites around the teeth.
  4. Through this Dental Fitness exam, the level of health can be measured. From that exam, Eva will offer specific coaching tips for ways to make improvements. If conditions require active treatment to reach a baseline level of health, those will be outlined.
Eva NordstromS

Eva Nordstrom

Meet Our Dental Coach

Meet Eva, also know as our ‘Dental Coach.’ Eva’s main role is to partner with patients to help them achieve optimal oral health through our Dental Fitness health analysis program.

Curious to know what your level of Dental Fitness is?

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