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TMJ & Headache Relief

In 9 out of 10 TMJ cases we’ve handled, relief from the effects of TMJ are only a few days away.

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What is TMJ?

The jaw joint ,TMJ, is a critical part of the chewing system. It is where the two sides of the mandible attach to the skull in front of each ear. A cartilage cushion floats between the bones in the joints as the mandible moves in chewing, speaking, and making facial expressions. When the cartilage becomes partially or completely displaced, various signs and symptoms are seen. An example of this is clicking in the jaw when you chew. Another part of the chewing system are the muscles in the head and neck. They cause headaches and facial pain when they over-react to an uneven bite.

A Few Common Symptoms of TMJ

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TMJ Treatment Process

Screening & TMJ Exam

The process begins with an examination and imaging. In nine out of ten cases, initial relief is achieved within days through the use of a Joint Positioning Splint.

Joint Positioning Splint Therapy

This custom-made upper splint is adjusted weekly as relief and stability are achieved. The splint not only provides quick relief, but also allows our team to identify the underlying causes of a patients TMJ symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

After thorough analysis, we will schedule a consultation to review your case and outline the treatments that are necessary to eliminate the underlying problems and achieve long term health.

Defintive Treatments

Every TMJ case is unique. We work to provide more than one potential plan of treatment. These plans may be simple or complex and we will outline the benefits and shortfalls of each plan.

The Answer to TMJ is in the Alignment

In order for the TMJ’s to fit together correctly when the jaws are closed, the teeth must also fit together. If they don’t, the jaw will shift out to a position where most of the teeth fit, but then the jaw is out of center and the chewing system is said to be out of harmony.

Excessive forces (clinching and/or grinding) to reposition the jaw result in muscle pain and damge to the joint cartilage. Other factors also influence the health of the joint. So the alignment of the teeth and the bite is an important factor of the health of the TMJ.

We strive to offer superior dental care that is oriented toward achieving optimal long-lasting health benefits.

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